Apurv Kulkarni

Throughout my doctoral research in developmental biology, I employed fruit flies as a model organism to investigate the intricate involvement of genes in neural development. This experience sparked a lasting fascination with insects, leading me to my current endeavors focused on developing automated systems for the large-scale cultivation of silkworms.

Rahul Singh

I am a technologist who grew up in the lush green wilderness of North-Eastern highlands of India in 1990s.  As a day job, I work on development of custom novel instrumentation at a particle accelerator facility (More details here). One of my current passions is innovations toward sustainable agriculture practices and finding ways for long term environment protection.

Dr. Meera Kulkarni

I was a practicing gynecologist for more than three decades. However, art, design, and colors have always been close to my heart. Now that I am retired, I am fully dedicated to exploring the captivating world of artistic expression and design.